About Us

Who We Are

Real Time Renewables is a venture supported by a great combination of highly experienced board members and a proficient technical team in the field of Solar and Renewable Energy, Waste Water Treatment and Sustainable Development. We are a group of young engineers and scientists with worldwide experience and strong ambitions.

We at Real Time Renewables provide the customers with a perfect combination of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. We aim at establishing environment friendly power plants across India with the best technology available across the globe. Real Time Renewables is interweaving inclusive growth, social, economic and environmental sustenance in our projects to provide sustainable energy and atmosphere for all.

Our Vision

Sustainability is not a technology; it’s a way of life. We aim to make sustainable living affordable for all and not a luxury for the few.

With India gradually becoming the most populated country in the world, management of energy and water resources in the country is of utmost importance. At Real Time Renewables, we plan to stimulate the renewable energy sector in the Indian market by providing the latest and the most simplified energy recycle solutions for our clients.

Join us in our venture to make India a green, clean and sustainable country!

Our Team


Siddharth Bishnoi

Co Founder & CEO

MBA Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney, Australia (ongoing) | Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) Manipal Institute of Technology, India | MSME Certified Solar PV Design, Installation and Management Engineer. As Co Founder & CEO, Siddharth is responsible for charting out business strategies and handling mergers and collaborations. With close to 5years experience in the field of Solar Power Plants and Renewable Energy sector, he is professionally skilled to deal with projects ranging from 100kWs to multiple MWs. His cumulative experience in terms of Solar Power Plants exceeds 50MW. Siddharth has also published research paper on “Efficiency`` improvement of Solar PV Panel” during his time as an engineer.


Pallavi Bishnoi

Co-founder and COO

M.S. Environment and Water Resources Engineering, Virginia Tech, U.S.A | PGD in Environmental Law & Policy, NLU Delhi & WWF | Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) Manipal Institute of Technology, India |CSE Certified RWH Engineer. Detail and results-oriented engineer, offering extensive background in water and wastewater treatment, thermal hydrolysis, and anaerobic digestion. 5 years experience in the field of Environmental and Wastewater Engineering, successfully completing projects in UK, USA and Europe. Previously worked with Cambi Inc. as a Process Engineer at DC Water in Washington D.C.



Managing Director

Retired government official (VRS), served with distinction, including two stints with the United Nations (U.N.) Mission in KOSOVO (Europe) for over two years. Significant management and administrative experience for almost three decades within the Government as well the Government-Public interface. Mr. Singh is also currently Director of Jyotipath Cooperative Society (registered with Ministry of Agriculture, India).

Real Time Values



High quality and down-to-the-detail services.



Technical standards comparable to global benchmarks.



Transparency and ethical dealing in every relationship.



Timely delivery of projects and services.



Environmentally friendly and socially sustainable.