Cambi AS, Norway – Technical and Business Development Consultancy

Cambi AS, Norway – Technical and Business Development Consultancy

Cambi is a world-leading technology provider for conversion of sludge and biowaste to biogas, using a unique pre-treatment method, the Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP). THP “turbo-charges” both existing and new biogas plants by using steam to pressure-cook materials before anaerobic digestion. Cambi THP dramatically reduces anaerobic digester volume, increases biogas production, and produces a reduced volume of pathogen-free and low odour end product (Class A cake).


To provide technical and business development consultancy for waste to energy projects in India. Sludge has been an element of nuisance for Indian water boards for over a decade now and we are yet to find the most sustainable disposal for the same. THP is a proven technology in 21 different countries, with a total capacity to treat sludge and biowaste from more than 50 mill. people.


With the launch of massive reform missions like Smart Cities, Swacch Bharat and Clean Ganga Mission by GOI, India is now exploring the most sustainable technology solutions to combat the waste issue. THP could just be the perfect fit in this situation and can solve both our waste and energy problems simultaneously.

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November 25, 2016


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