Lucknow Zoo – Wastewater conservation project

Lucknow Zoo – Wastewater conservation project

Located in the heart of the city, Lucknow Zoo is one of the biggest tourist attractions receiving over one lac visitors annually. The park is also home to hundreds of different varieties of flora and fauna. A heavy load of water is consumed at the park for drinking and maintenance purposes and equivalent volume of wastewater is being generated at the premises.


Various animal sheds like Hippo, Alligator, Duck Ponds etc. require huge volume of water which was being replaced weekly with freshly pumped groundwater and the wastewater was being dumped into the drain which further carried this waste to Gomti river. RTR conceptualised a Water Conservation Project for the Zoo wherein the wastewater from these sheds would be treated, recycled and reused in the park.


No more groundwater pumping, reduced load into the sewer line/Gomti river and sufficient supply of treated water for horticulture and maintenance of the park. The project also reduced helped reducing the electricity consumption at the park by cutting down the pumping cost.

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May 17, 2016


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